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Arthroscopic Surgeon in Jaipur

Arthroscopy Surgeon in Jaipur

The field of medicine takes care of the injury to athletes and sportspersons. In arthroscopy, doctors examine problems related to joints and treat them. A surgeon uses a fibre optic attached to a narrow tube to a video camera through a small incision, buttonhole size and inserts it in a patient's body.

The surgeon can view the issues with the joints on a monitor. Some joint damages can be resurrected by surgeons using the incision. There are pencil-thin instruments for surgeries that play a major role. Jaipur's best surgeons at Gina Devi Orthopaedic hospital

Why arthroscopy?

When several diagnostic results leave some queries answered in a patient's body, arthroscopy is the best way to diagnose. It is less invasive, causes less pain and cures patients quickly compared to any other procedure. However, it remains a major surgery and needs all precautions. It comes with postoperative rehabilitation. Our expert doctors know the complication and take care of the patients according to the needs of the patient.

Sport medicine

At the Ginni Devi sports medicine department, athletes can reach their prime fitness and avoid sports-related injuries. You can receive the best treatment for all your injuries caused while playing any sports at our hospital.

We help in improving the athletic performance of sportspersons. The field of sport is a fast-paced one, and you need to recover quickly; otherwise, your chances are handed over to someone else.

Our medical professionals treat sportspersons who get injured while playing and several amateur players of different sports. There are treatment and exercises that our doctors and physicians tell you; they prevent injuries, treat them if any and enhance the field's performance.

The experts at our place treat issues in players of various games, like bone problems, tendon, ligament and muscle.

Knee Arthoscopy

The knee arthroscopy procedure is rolled out by Ginni Devi Orthopaedic Hospital in Jaipur in the best possible way. The equipment, experience of doctors and world-class facilities ensure our patients feel the safest while undergoing knee arthroscopy

Shoulder Arthoscopy

It is a process where our orthopaedic surgeon inserts a tiny camera into your shoulder joint through a minimal cut or invasion. The process happens to treat, inspect and diagnose the gravity of any disease or injury pertaining to shoulders.