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Hand Surgery Specialist in Jaipur

The department of hand and microvascular is essential because it treats the issues and deformities associated with bones of hands and wrists. The team of doctors specialises in treating non-traumatic and traumatic conditions caused by accident in the hands or wrists.

The department at Ginni Devi, with the help of the multimodal method and qualified surgeons who specialise in nerve repair, wrist and hand surgery, brachial plexus injuries, tendon transfer surgeries, carpal bone fractures, wrist arthroscopy and congenital anomalies, treat patients to perfection.

These are the best orthopaedic surgeons that you can find in Jaipur or anywhere. The doctors carry out treatments like limb salvage surgery, reconstruction and reimplantations in hand injuries.

The hospital takes an interest in reestablishing the aesthetics of hands after the surgery, which should add value to the functionality. Post the surgery, a team of physiotherapists take care of the patient and ensure a purposeful rehabilitation.

Specialisation of the department

The department of doctors have specialisation in hand ligament reconstruction, finger contracture release, brachial plexus injury, crush hand injuries, elbow replacement, tendon transfers, extensor and flexor tendon repairs, carpal tunnel syndrome, TFCC injuries and many others.

Free tissue transfer

This free tissue transfer is an advanced form of treatment known by the best orthopaedic hospital in Jaipur like ours. In this, we reconstruct tissues with local, do vascularised fibre grafting, perform distant tissue transfer etc.


The technique of microsurgery helps in the replantation of fingers. Our doctors perform it on single to multiple fingers. Despite the amputation of other fingers, our expert surgeons can fix or replant the fingers that will allow the functionality of your hand. After the replantation, patients will be given rehabilitation for their hand, which will heal it quickly.

These surgical needs are performed at very nominal costs and at a patient’s convenience.