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Joint Replacement Hospital In Jaipur

Joint Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur

Several people in the world are suffering from issues related to joint pain in their bodies. Most of them are veterans or elderly folks as the body starts to degenerate, which causes issues in bones and joints precisely. However, due to injuries and hereditary, youngsters are also facing the problem of joint pain and are needing it replacement procedures.

You can find the best joint replacement surgeries in Jaipur only at Ginni Devi Orthopaedic hospital.
The joint replacement procedure is a critical procedure that requires an experienced set of doctors. Our team at Ginni Devi has carried out several complicated operations through dedication, intelligence and modern equipment in place.

In the process, you are relieved of chronic pain, which helps you aid with mobility and allows you to follow routine life seamlessly. Joint replacement has several types including, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, knee replacement, joint preservation etc.

Most common joint replacements

That are carried out by surgeons are hip, and knee replacements. Besides, this, our doctors perform replacements of other joints like wrists, hands, ankle, elbows and shoulders.

It can easily last for 10-15 years and in some cases even longer depending on how patients perceive it. If they get a regular check-up and care, then it may last for more than two decades.

Need for joint replacement

There are various conditions that lead to the need for replacement in people. Some of them are disability and joint pain. The damage in cartilage leads to pain in joints in a plethora of cases. It lines the ends of articular cartilage. It happens due to a fracture, arthritis or other medical condition.

How is a joint formed?

The meeting point of two bones is a joint. Thus, there are an array of joints in the human body that need care.

Soulder Replacement

The procedure of shoulder replacement is a convoluted one, which requires the best medical experts to get it right. Ginni Devi has experienced doctors and a team of surgeons who can carry out the replacement procedure with precision.

Hip Replacement

Ginni Devi hospital has the best hip replacement doctors in Jaipur, who know how to roll out the surgery seamlessly and effectively on a patient. It is cost-effective and offers maximum relief to the ailing person.

Knee Replacement

Ginni Devi Hospital specialises in knee replacement surgeries in Jaipur. During the surgical process, the knees' weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint go under the knife for relieving patients undergoing severe pains.