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Physiotherapy is an important aspect of several types of medical treatments. It makes immobile or patients with lesser mobility functioning at their bare minimum to take a stand on their feet, walk and move their body. Our able doctors at Ginni Devi put you through the exercises that are the best for recovering from your ailment, especially after any surgery or operation.

Benefits of physiotherapy Improves balance:

Before starting the physical therapy on your body, you are screened for all possible risks. If you are vulnerable to falls, our doctors suggest such exercises that challenge the balance safely and securely by carefully putting you through real-life situations. If the vestibular system has caused an issue, our physical therapists can change things around and manoeuvre it. The process can restore the movement swiftly.

Prevent or recover from sports injuries:

Our trained and experienced physiotherapists understand the risks associated with several sports. They guide patients or one consulting them on how to avoid or cure that. Their guidance can keep you away from stress fractures. Our physiotherapy doctors can design programs for exercises to prevent you from any injury.

Eliminate pain:

Manual therapy and highly advanced technology relieve a patient from the persisting pain. Treatments like electrical stimulation or taping and ultrasound can ensure the pain doesn't return. It can restore joint function and the ailing muscle.

Heart and lung disease:

After going through heart surgeries or treatment of lungs, patients can go through cardiac rehabilitation. It will improve the heart and the area around to function well. The quality of life improves in pulmonary problems with the involvement of physical therapy.

What is physiotherapy expertise?

It is a research and scientific-based set of exercises that give relief to patients post or pre any surgeries. The experts involved in carrying out the procedure are physiotherapists. The whole body functions superbly after getting through it.