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Shoulder Arthoscopy

It is a process where our orthopaedic surgeon inserts a tiny camera into your shoulder joint through a minimal cut or invasion. The process happens to treat, inspect and diagnose the gravity of any disease or injury pertaining to shoulders. The term arthroscopy stems from two different Greek words. 'Artho' means joint, while 'skopein' means to look into. Thus, they together develop a meaning to look within the joint. The camera inserted in the body shows the issue on a big monitor kept outside. It helps our surgeons at Ginni Devi hospital to guide miniature instruments while treating a patient.

Knee Arthoscopy

The knee arthroscopy procedure is rolled out by Ginni Devi Orthopaedic Hospital in Jaipur in the best possible way. The equipment, experience of doctors and world-class facilities ensure our patients feel the safest while undergoing knee arthroscopy