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Pediatric Orthopedics

Surgeons who treat deformity of bones and joints in kids are pediatric orthopaedics. These doctors or medical experts treat musculoskeletal, which includes muscles, bones, joints, and back issues in children.

The doctors at Ginni Devi specialises in treating patients whose bones are still growing. The experience chips in dealing with young kids and understand their problems

Treatment in pediatric orthopaedics requires surgeons to diagnose the disease and deformities within children's body. There are various issues in the bones, spine, arms, legs, and backs of kids. It needs an in-depth examination, considering they are vulnerable and cannot endure pain. So, the psychological aspect also plays an important role here.

Children can face problems in walking; they may have crooked limbs, a curve in the spine, broken or fractured bones, tumours, joint infections, birth defects etc. These issues are treated and cured by the best pediatric orthopaedic surgeons in Jaipur at Ginni Devi.

Types of the problem treated at pediatric orthopaedics

The musculoskeletal problem in a child is distinct from that of an adult. Thus the procedures performed are different. A pediatric orthopaedic surgeon has to be more cautious while operating a child. Some issues that kids witness in their bones during the growing age are not present in adults. So, the process has to be different. Intoeing in a toddler is one such illustration.

Even for the same ailment, the treatment carried out for an infant or a kid is totally different. Children with severe pediatric orthopaedic illness or disease get treated aptly by our surgeons in Jaipur.

Our equipment is designed especially for children. We’ve created a comfortable environment for kids with toys, reading materials, videos etc., at their disposal.

Pediatric orthopaedics have to go through extensive training for understanding a child’s psychology before operating or treating. They are experts in dealing with children.