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Best Spine Doctor in Jaipur

The spine is the most prominent bone in the human body and one of the essential parts as well. It enables movement and support in the functioning of the body. Thus, the surgery of the spine is complicated and requires extremely fine hands for handling it. Surgeons and a team of doctors at Ginni Devi have been carrying it out quite successfully. Patients feel relieved of their years of pain and find relief from their injury.

The surgeons explain all complications and procedure before going into the surgery. They accurately and precisely answer all queries of a patient. Before operating, they look into several factors like age, osteoporosis, allergies and other concerns. Thus, attention to detail is paid to every person that visits our hospital.

Our best spine surgeons in Jaipur carry out minimally invasive spine surgery to traditional open spine surgery, depending on a patient's condition.

Here are the types of spine surgeries conducted at Ginni Devi Patients suffering from back or spine pain have an opportunity to get it treated at our hospital. Our experienced spine surgeons.

Laminectomy:- It is a decompression surgery, lamina in the spinal bone is carved away for exposing the spinal canal. The aim of the surgery is to decompress a part of the bone and discard the pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord. The compression can cause severe pain in the back and legs.

Vertebroplasty:-The procedure is used to cure vertebral compression fractures in people. In the procedure, through a long and hollow needle, a bone cement gets inserted in the fractured part.

Discectomy:-In this procedure, surgeons detach the part of the body, which causes pressure on the nerve root of the spinal column.

Spinal fusion

In this procedure, surgeons detach the part of the body, which causes pressure on the nerve root of the spinal column.

Lumbar Canal Stenosis

Lumbar canal stenosis or lumbal spinal stenosis refers to the narrowing of the spinal canal in a patient's body. It hampers the functionality of the body. You cannot walk or work properly.

Prolapse Dise

It is a serious health condition that creates an immense problem for the spinal cord, and the pain that the patient feels is unbearable. Medically, doctors also called it herniated disc.

Spinal Deformity Correction

The spine is the most crucial bone of anybody. It helps us in standing, performing all our duties. In such cases, spinal deformity correction surgeries take place.

MIS Surgery

It is a surgical procedure that gets performed through a small incision of invasion in the body instead of a large one. That's why it is known as minimally invasive surgery.

Spinal Tumour

A spinal tumour is a growing abnormal mass of tissue. It can occur within or surrounds the spinal region or cord. The lesion or cyst can abandon the functionaries of the body.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

It is an advanced level of surgery that Ginni Devi Orthopaedic hospital is renowned for carrying out seamlessly. It allows patients to recover quickly from minimally invasive spine surgery.