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Trauma and Fracture

Fractures are quite common in people of all ages and genders. Bones can crack due to several reasons, including the lack of calcium, accident or due to old age. It happens through a high-intensity trauma causing damage to bones. The injury so intense or force on bones that they crack, resulting in an isolation fracture. Sometimes, bones get dislocated entirely.

Symptoms of fractures and trauma

  • Swelling and restricted movement of the affected body part.
  • Severe or constant mild pain
  • Mishappen of limb
  • High fever
  • Numbness and bruising near the fractured area
Our hospital in Jaipur has a team of doctors who are experienced in treating and curing any kind of fractures and traumas related patients.

No matter how complex the cases are, our expert doctors in Jaipur locate the most isolated bones in the body.

Our diagnosis and treatment

We use modern-day types of machinery like X-Ray, MRI and CT scan to acknowledge the wound before suggesting surgery or treatment. Our doctors use casts, splints, traction and braces for treating fractures.

Carrying out clinical trials

Our team of orthopaedic experts relentlessly find ways to render better and innovative treatments to trauma and fracture-related patients. They look for different ways of diagnosing, preventing, and treating the ailment of bone fracture and post-traumatic situations that occur after the surgery.

Different types of fractures

The human body may have to face several kinds of fractures. Here’re some common ones.

Oblique fracture:- The type of fracture comes with an angled pattern.

Stable fracture:- Here, the broken ends of the bones are not out of place. They line up.

Transverse fracture:- It has a fracture line that is horizontal.

Comminuted fracture:- In this fracture, the bone crumbles into different pieces.

Open, compound fractures:- The bone may pierce the bone in this condition of fracture.

Pelvi-Acetabular Surgery

The breakages in the acetabulum or pelvis of the hip joint are among some severe injuries that need utter consideration. For this, orthopaedic surgeons perform Pelvic-Acetabular Surgery.

Complex Intra-Arcticular Fracture

Intra-articular fractures are distal radius fractures. The techniques for the reduction of such distal radius fractures have made immense progress in the past few years. Earlier such fractures have the negligible possibility of being treated with utter success.

Poly Trauma

Polytrauma refers to a medical condition of any person that has been affected by multiple (poly) traumatic injuries like a serious burn or some extreme head injury. The Injury Severity Score (ISS) in such cases is either equal to or greater than 16.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

The minimally invasive surgery is performed by making tiny incisions instead of operating via large openings. This leads to rapid recovery with lesser pain than conventional surgical methods. Incisions are about some millimetres long. An endoscope is inserted into one of the incisions.